Better living through glitter and hot glue

Distressed jewellery holder

I’ve been using a mug tree to hold and display my necklaces and rings for a short while now, but I’ve been meaning to make it look a little bit more pretty. We repainted our bedroom this weekend so it was the ideal time to give the mug tree a lick of paint too!

Mug tree

I read on Shanty 2 chic that you could use vaseline to create a distressed look with paint – essentially you paint your item in a base colour, leave it to dry, smear vaseline over the bits you want to distress and then paint your item another colour. Once that coat has dried, you sand your item and the top coat comes clean off, leaving the base colour to peek through.

I started by painting my mug tree with a coat of white paint. It wasn’t perfect, and some of the wood still peeped through, but this is a good thing, as this adds to the distressed effect.

Base coat

I then smeared vaseline on the bits that I wanted the white paint to show through on – you only need a little smear. Next step was to pop on the top coat of paint – I used a little tester pot of yellow paint I had lurking in my drawer. Again, the painting doesn’t need to be perfect, as it adds to the final effect.

Top coat

Once the top coat was dry, I took some sandpaper and rubbed it over the whole thing.. as the top coat of paint wouldn’t stick to the greasy vaseline, the yellow paint was easily removed, leaving patches of white. I kept on sanding until I was happy with the result.

As a final flourish, I glued a circle of felt to the bottom of the mug tree – firstly, to stop my new jewellery holder scratching my table, but secondly, to save me having to paint the bottom!

The finished product!

And here is the finished result! You can see the white poking through in certain places. I wish I’d put a little bit more vaseline on to distress it a little bit further – I was a little bit timid, but in my defence, it was my first time 🙂

At least now I have a lovely place to show off my shiny bangles and rings!

CB x


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